Letzter Tag der Republik

**Directed by** Reynold Reynolds
**Cinematography by** Carlos Vasquez
**Composer**- Giuseppe Iacono
**Production**- Reynold Reynolds

**In co-production with**:
Lille3000, France

**With a poem by** Gerhard Falkner
The Palast der Republik (Palace of the Republic) opened in 1976 as a meeting place for the East German people and an emblem of the future. The unique modern building made of distinctive golden-mirrored windows was home to not just the East German Parliament but also auditoriums, art galleries, five restaurants, concert halls, and even a bowling alley. The building's dazzling public lobby, surrounded by several tiers, was once the center of social life in East Berlin with thousands of sparkling lamps filling the open space of the lobby's grand staircase. Many Berliners recall attending a play in one of the theaters or dancing the night away in the underground disco, others seeing their first rock concert, or being married. Later, thousands of citizens demonstrated against the planned demolition and hoped the building would be protected against historical censorship, but alas, one day, twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Palace completely disappeared.

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